Getting to know


Linabni Hayatahom

Linabni Hayatahom is a free site rich in fully creative resources that aims at enriching each teacher, church, or organization who serve the younger generations.

MASRAHO.COM, meaning your stage, is a website where you can download plays & musicals for free. It is for children to perform in different occasions. It provides the children with tools that will help them discover their talents & build their character.


Christmas, Easter, and Summer Camps, ministering to kids through bible stories, dramas, songs, and inflatables.


4th Dimension is an eight-week workshop for high school students (Grade 10 to 12) to learn Movie Magic, idea development, directing techniques, and editing. The students will make a 2-minute movie based on a parable from the Bible. These movies will be posted on Facebook and Youtube to win the “Best Short Movie” competition.


Bouncy castles, slides, obstacle courses, and gladiator rings.