Getting to Know


As 1.5 million refugees currently reside within Lebanon, our work with the Syrian population continues to be a leading component for the ministry of New Heights. Amidst this devastating situation, we emphatically see this circumstance as a divine opportunity from which we can share God’s Word with people in dire need of a sustainable hope. Since 2018, we have been engaged in the innovative ministry work that is Made Clean.

Through this program, we provide a laundry service to families who would otherwise not have access to this resource. In doing so, we have created a space to spiritually engage the children and families we encounter, giving them a chance to discover the message of God’s love.


Through the simple act of doing laundry, the Made Clean program is helping hurting people in a practical way, and providing our team the ability to connect with them spiritually. Annually, we are able to engage a total of 2,000 children and youth with a Gospel message! Each quarter, the Made Clean team visits 12 new settlement camps, servicing each camp a total of 12 times throughout the 3-month cycle with the laundry service. Additionally, once each camp has been through its rotation, our team makes consistent visitations throughout the year to ensure that relationship is kept and ongoing ministry is being provided.


During every visit, our team puts on an interactive biblical children’s program for any kids who want to participate! There are a total of 12 lessons that are taught, based on life anecdotes much like what these children have experienced, and complemented with biblical stories that they are able to relate to. The highlight of our program is the short film Not Alone, that tells the story of a Syrian refugee family who has endured significant tragedy but also discovers great hope. Not Alone exists as an inroad for us to begin Gospel conversations with those whom we interact with, many of whom have never been exposed to a Christian message before!


A distinctive feature of Made Clean is that the service we are providing is not a basic need, such as access to food, shelter, or clothing. Made Clean is completely optional, meaning the people participating have the ability to decline the service. Oftentimes, people in these types of situations will agree to just about anything you ask, in order to obtain the service or article essential to their needs at that point in time.

This is significant because it demonstrates us that those who take part in our program, do so willingly. Another aspect notable to Made Clean is that it is providing physical assistance to the women in these camps, thus creating an avenue for direct access to engagement with them. Typically, the women here are the ones doing the laundry for their families, amongst a long list of chores, and often for hours at a time each day. Made Clean gives us a tangible way to support these women in their everyday life, and makes room for us to build relationship with them.


Made Clean is a ministry that we truly feel is God-given, and we are blessed with the ability to provide this service to people who need it most. We are excited to see how God will continue to work through our efforts, and are prayerful that the work will be great as we progress!