Getting to Know

The Vision

What the eye has not seen the heart cannot grieve over.
The rest of our lives are irrevocably shaped by what we have witnessed. We gain Vision.

Let’s face it, the world is complicated. We get that our region the Middle East and North Africa can be a little overwhelming. Let us help you gain some perspective. New Heights cares deeply about your region of the world and would love to help you (and your team) get a better understanding of the in’s and out’s of the Middle East. Our team has decades of experience living and working in the region and we want to share our unique insights into our complex area of the world. We can help guide you to a better understanding of the culture, the places, the challenges big and small.

    Why you should come on a vision trip.

  • Gives a better understanding of the culture, complexities, and issues of the Arab world.
  • Provides insight and experience in networking and helping the needs of local churches and ministries.
  • Answers your questions and help you find the right ones to ask when dealing with organizations from our region.
  • Displays the amazing work that is being done by the body of Christ.
  • Helps you and your organization figure out where you can be uniquely helpful to the region.


    What we can do for you.

  • Show you how Christ is influencing this part of the world while arranging everything from devotions with ministry teams to visits to local churches.
  • Help you meet with the local organizations, churches, and ministries that are most effective and helpful to our region.
  • Help you get a real picture of what the Refugee Crisis actually looks like by arranging visits to camps, homes, and schools.
  • Everywhere you step in our region has a lot of history. Let us help you discover the history of the region by arranging historical tours and guides.
  • We love our Cities! We want you to love them as well! Let us guide you through the best food and culture.


  • A custom 3 – 4 day trip to Lebanon and/or other countries in the Middle East.
  • 2 – 8 persons.
  • Budget (Excluding airfare): $120 per person per day.
    This includes: Room and Board, all “in country” transportation and biblical/historical tours.